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Nuestro Shaper Matt Barrow ha realizado numerosos shapes para conocidos surfers del panorama mundial.

Vamos a intentar documentar un poco de la relación con estos personajes en una serie de artículos con cada uno de ellos.

Para empezar tenemos a BEAU JOUNG, joven californiano, hijo del legendario NAT JOUNG, considerado como uno de los surfers que mas han influido en la historia de este deporte.

Cantautor, deportista y surfer, ha cosechado muchos éxitos tanto en su vida deportiva como en la profesional como cantante. Influido por cantantes como Ben Jarper, desarrolla su carrera musical con numerosos éxitos.

En el panorama surfero ha logrado por dos veces el campeonato del mundo de Longboard en los años 2000 y 2003.

Para completar la información un poco de su biografía:

"Twice World Longboard Champion (2000 & 2003).
Beau retired from professional surfing in 2003 to continue with his passion for music full time, however he remains partnered with Bear Surfboards and continues to grace the pages and screens of surf / lifestyle media worldwide.
Beau receives many messages and emails asking about specific boards that have featured in films, the board shapers, sizing and so forth. We have decided to add the 'boardroom' to the website for you!
Open the individual links for each surfboard below and see the full dimensions, the board shaper, the relevant film, along with any comments from Beau about the boards.
As we can only have so many up on the site, we will endeavor to rotate the boardroom with new surfboards every couple of months. If the board you have in question isn't listed yet, hold tight.. as we hope to have them all displayed at some stage throughout the year.

Introducing singer, songwriter, musician and coincidentally, world champion surfer, Beau Young.
Having grown up with surfing in his vein’s, a connection and love of the ocean from a very young age was inevitable. Beau’s father Nat Young is considered one of the greatest ambassadors in the history of surfing, not only for his talent and champion status on riding a wave’s canvas but also for his belief in its artistic expression.
Naturally following in his father’s footsteps, Beau’s success as a professional surfer earned him the highest status in being crowned the World Champion both in 2000 and again in 2003. Beau feels being Nat’s son is “the greatest gift I have been able to receive as a son within this surfing family is a love of the ocean and concerns for its protection, surfing is for fun and for everyone, it has guided me to make music from the heart and without both the sea and music I could never truly express my thoughts, not only for myself but for so many others”.
Inspired and thus spurred on by his friend Ben Harper, Beau has turned his energy, to his love of music. And now we have the dedicated musician, the philosophical muse...
Long before leaving the competitive world of surfing Beau had been writing songs, this inclination sparked as a youngster on many long coastal drives with his family. Growing up to the sounds of J.J.Cale, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and early Rolling Stones recordings. Those influences still shine as Beau’s most definitive to date, along with the with more recent influence in Talking Heads, Tracy Chapman Paul Simon’s, Gracelands, The Velvet Underground and Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah. Beau’s influences are of a varied degree that continues to grow.
It was in 2005 that saw his debut album “Waves of Change” released, in both Australia and Japan. The album debuted at #13 on the independent charts in Australia, reaching to #10 in the following weeks. Beau has gained a widespread audience for his sound and diversity within the folk rock genre. It is evident in his songs, such as “Peace Be with You” that his many years travelling and experiencing cultural diversity, have added greatly to his lyrical content.
“Such is the fortune of having been able to travel much as I have, to so many beautiful places and having met so many people along the way, this album could never have truly conveyed how strongly I feel for the planet and all of us connecting as one large group”.
2006 saw the release of his latest EP “STILL” in Australia and Japan. A deluxe dual CD/DVD featuring the single “Forty Eight Shades”, a song Beau was approached to write and record as the title soundtrack for the Australian film 48 Shades, which was released nationally in cinemas in August 2006.
Beau has experienced an incredible 2 years with his music from the release of his debut album internationally, and his EP release in both Australia and Japan. His music has been included on several compilations, including “Beautiful Songs 1” in Japan (Warner Music) and the recently released “Delightful Rain” CD, a celebration of Australian surf music, in which he had the honour to record the classic “Simple Ben”, taken from the Morning of the Earth surf film soundtrack.
Beau has toured to Japan (x 4), Italy, France and Spain. In Australia, Beau has done his first headline tour of the East Coast and has performed at many of Australia’s most respected festivals, including; East Cost Blues & Roots 04, the Queenscliff Music Festival 2005, Homebake 2005, The Feel Good Festival at Luna Park on New Year’s Day 2006, the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach 2006, Apollo Bay Music Festival 2007 and the GreenRoom Festivals, Japan. With most recently, completing a solo tour of Europe including U.K, Germany & Portugal in September 2007, Adelaide International Guitar Festival 2007 and again invited to perform at East Coast Blues & Roots Festival in 2008.
Along with his core career in the folk rock / acoustic genre, Beau was approached to write a theme song for a children’s Toy release 'anamalz', which has now led to spending the latter half of 2007 writing, recording and co producing (with Paul Pilsneniks at Studio’s 301) a full length children’s album “Wild anamalz” which is to be released world wide in association with the toy range release, starting in the U.S. February 2008, soon followed by Australia and Europe. Further information on ‘anamalz’ can be found at http://www.anamalz.com/.
2008 will herald Beau’s second album “One Step at a Time”. Scheduled (tba) for release in 2008. Beau feel’s two years down the track the music “is of a greater depth both vocally, lyrically and very much so in regards to my guitar technique”. The release of "One Step at a Time" will be followed with a national tour."

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